Port Hafenberg


Port Hafenberg is the only point of connection the kingdom has with the rest of the world. The desert is widely considered to be impassable, as are the mountains. The port was an independent town when Daratan was formed, and they still play a major part in internal politics.

The town consists of merchants and fishermen. The merchants collectively own the kingdom’s only trading ship, the Lavia Nave.

The merchants also fund and operate Dykuma Post as well as the newly set-up Karna Post.

Recently the port was besieged by bandits. Adventuring Company 159 discovered that they were actually Dragonfly Pirates working for Gerai Tuan, and successfully destroyed them, saving the town. They discovered correspondence indicating that these pirates were also responsible for the theft of valuable crystals from the Dwarven trading caravans.

Unfortunately, shortly after the heroes left, the town was attacked and overrun by zombies. It was further destroyed by firebombs from Mageships attempting to contain the zombie threat.

Currently the town stands in ruins. There are no known survivors.

Port Hafenberg

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