Pevnost Stronghold

This stronghold has only been in existence for a few months. The dwarves who founded it started with a decently sized expeditionary force. After negotiating a mutual protection/trade pact with Daratan, they found a suitable site in the Skalne Mountains and began clearing out the caves. They took heavy casualties in the process, but managed to establish their stronghold and begin mining. In the process, they blocked off a number of cave systems they determined were mostly harmless and left them for future expansion.

Shortly after establishing themselves, the Dwarves came under attack from a mysterious force in the caves. They called upon their mutual protection treaty with Daratan, who sent Adventuring Company 159 to their aid.

Adventuring Company 159 successfully located and destroyed a Dragonborn Necromancer in the unexplored tunnels, who under orders from Gerai Tuan was attempting to drive the Dwarves from their caves.

Additionally, as the Adventuring Company escorted a Dwarven trading caravan to Halkia Inn, they discovered a doppelganger stealing valuable crystals in an attempt to disrupt trade between Daratan and the Dwarves.

When the Zombie Horde arrived, the Dwarves had completed work on the front gate, and we able to seal themselves inside safely. They only suffered minimal losses.

The discovery of the Moon Temple within the tunnels, which links to the Sun Temple at Daratan Castle, allowed some citizens of Daratan to evacuate to the Dwarven caves for the duration of the emergency.

Currently the Dwarves rely on Daratan for food, as they are unable to grow their own within the caves.

Notable NPCs:
Dwarf King Kovalis
Chief Guard Strigern

Strigern is jumpy and paranoid, prone to shooting first and asking for the password second.

Pevnost Stronghold

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