Formerly ruled by King Reis and Quees Vilsena. Other notable NPCs were Prince Darnus, Chief Advisor Karsia, and Captain Verne.

Captain Verne gave the party their orders.
The kingdom had abruptly cut spending at the time of the campaign beginning, and hired a number of wizards.


The kingdom itself is about 32 miles long and 24 miles wide. The heart of the kingdom is a gigantic and ancient castle, surrounded by a modest town and vast fields. Beyond the fields is the heavy but well-explored Skaven Woods. The cave-riddled Skalne Mountains form the north and west borders of the kingdom, to the south the forest changes to scrubland and desert, while to the east there is the massive Jezaro Lake
The mighty Zeika River comes down from the mountains near Daratan Castle, flows past Daratan Town, and sweeps its way to Jezaro Lake, two days to the east. On the shores of the lake is Port Hafenberg, a merchant town and one of Daratan’s sole points of contact with the outside world.
To the south, where scrubland and desert meet, is Dykuma Post, which trades with desert nomads and is the other sole point of contact with the outside world.
In the mountains to the north is the newly established Pevnost Stronghold, a dwarven outpost.

Unfortunately, the grain-fields surrounding the town were destroyed. In addition to the problem of feeding the kingdom’s (sadly reduced) population, the destruction of Daratan’s fields cost them heavily in the grain speculation market. Combined with the loans the King was making to help finance his very expensive magical advisors, Daratan abruptly finds itself in a great deal of debt.


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