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This campaign is set in the Kingdom of Daratan.

They’re a small and rather poor kingdom, who primarily export grain across the lake to the great trading port of Rattarum. The kingdom mostly consists of Daratan Castle, Port Hafenberg, and the Skoven Woods in between.

While not rich by the standards of larger nations, they spend most of their money on their citizens, leading to a comfortable standard of living.

Recently, though, the King has cited serious budget issues and drastically raised taxes, as well as halting funding to just about everything. No one is sure what he is spending this money on, and he’s been too busy “working on something amazing!” deep in the castle to explain.

Due to budget cuts, most of the army has been disbanded. With issues popping up across the kingdom, a call went out for mercenaries to pick up the slack. This is where Adventuring Company 159 began.

The King had discovered a ‘Death Ray’ in an unexplored basement. With the urging of his (very expensive) magical advisers, he began dismantling another nearby unknown device in order to provide power to the ‘Death Ray’. Unfortunately, the unknown device was powering the seals holding the terrible monster Ardok prisoner, and as the device was disassembled the seals weakened.

At the same time, one of his magical advisers, Regina Tua – otherwise known as Gerai Tuan – accidentally unleashed a nigh-unstoppable plague of zombies, as part of her attempts to steal Ardok’s power for herself. The Grand Circle of Mages learned about this, and sent airships to prevent the zombie threat from spreading outside of Daratan. They did this by firebombing the entire country into ash. Adventuring Company 159 successfully convinced them to stop their attacks once they reached Daratan Castle.

Adventuring Company 159 then successfully converted the ‘Death Ray’ into an anti-zombie array, re-powered the seal generator in the castle basement, and destroyed Ardok, saving the kingdom!

Unfortunately, the grain-fields surrounding the town were destroyed. In addition to the problem of feeding the kingdom’s (sadly reduced) population, the destruction of Daratan’s fields cost them heavily in the grain speculation market. Combined with the loans the King was making to help finance his very expensive magical advisors, Daratan abruptly finds itself in a great deal of debt.

To help alleviate the kingdom’s money troubles, the King sent Adventuring Company 159 on a mission to locate a fabled diamond the size of a man’s fist. After some effort, they located the diamond on an island overrun by pirates and other adventurers, who were also searching for this treasure. The party was able to locate the diamond first and quickly fled on a ship they captured from a pirate crew.

After numerous adventurers while attempting to return to Daratan, they finally returned, only to find the kingdom covered in shadows. An rift to the Shadowfell had opened, due to the massive amounts of death in the region. Adventuring Company 159 entered and closed the rift, then made their way to Daratan Castle.

The King was greatly relieved to see them, but upon learning that Port Hafenberg was destroyed, had no choice but to send them across the desert to the Free Cities – specifically the Free City of Silvahar – in order to exchange the diamond for enough food to get the kingdom back on its feet.

Adventuring Company 159 had made their way across the desert in the company of a trading caravan, when they stopped at an oasis of outcasts. Suddenly, a frightened child raced towards them from one of the villas there, begging for help…


Jendary Jendary

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